Daniel Alexander Low

Nationality: British Citizen לאום:
Father’s cosmic role: Divine protector of cats תפקיד האב בקוסמוס:
The Father’s Muse: המוזה של האב:
Chronic conditions: Yes

Dog Phobia and MouseOholic

מחלות כרוניות:
Child characteristics: I would like the baby to have genetically modified whiskers.
Big green eyes with night vision.
I would like the baby to get my endless patience.
The defect is I would not want to pass is my unstoppable hunger/lust for chicken.
(I want him to be the first in my family).
מאפייני הילד:
Religious orientation of child: An alien entity that founded the human race השקפה דתית רצויה לילד:
Constitution: The right to be forgiven for lies. חוקה:
Knowledge at time of birth: ידע בעת הלידה:
Identity: Our baby will have a flexible identity and an alternating sense of self זהות:
Explanation: I want him to sometimes have love dogs. SOMETIMES נימוק:
Desire to distribute embryos: No תשוקה להפצת עוברים:
Additional genetic material: חומר גנטי נוסף: