Miri Embryo Distribution – Is This Baby Yours

Questionnaire for prospective fathers asking to join the Neo End of Days Dynasty


Dear prospective father,

The following questionnaire will allow me, Miri Embryo Distribution, to sort out the most suitable genetic material to produce the ideal baby for us.
Please try and be as honest and open as possible in your responses.If some questions seem too invasive to you, you may skip them– silence
is also a legitimate answer in our colony – except for questions marked in *.

Please note: your replies to this form make this offspring entirely your own creation.
By filling out this form you will receive an individual birth certificate, containing a snapshot of the embryo. 

Unlike the sperm bank, where there is a clear inclination towards fathers who possess certain physical characteristics and do not suffer from short-sightedness or
any other defect, here at “Miri Embryo Distribution” everyone, including women,  is invited to be fruitful and multiply. One must keep in mind that some
people with perceived shortcomings have had great influence on human history – a donation from Einstein, for example, would most likely not have been accepted
to the sperm bank; neither would one from Golda Meir or Napoleon…

Name:* (If you prefer to remain anonymous, please pick another name instead)
Email:(your email address will not be published)
Your cosmic role:
Who/what is your muse?
Baby’s name*
Baby’s birthplace

What kind of a baby would you like?*
To whom do you want the baby to be resemble and what are the features, benefits, imperfections and skills would you like him to have?

Preferred future occupation of the baby:

If a different option, please elaborate:
What would you like your baby to believe in?
(multiple choices possible)

If other, please elaborate:
According to ancient traditions, the baby must
learn and discover throughout its life what the
angel made it forget at birth. What would you like to be imprinted in the baby's mind in the moment of its creation?
Please choose the statement you prefer:*

Please explain:

What would be the moral imperative that guides the baby?

Would you like to take my place and distribute babies?
*Please share genetic material in the form of an image\text\video that will be used for the creation of our baby.
(Genetic material is any inspiring substance such as memories, dreams, associations, quotes or anything you created)

(A sampling of genetic material donated by a particularly loved father)

Please drag images to here, you can upload jpg/jpeg/png up to 3MB