ben baruch blich

Nationality: international לאום:
Father’s cosmic role: not yet decided תפקיד האב בקוסמוס:
The Father’s Muse: my embryo המוזה של האב:
Child characteristics: Embryos are unwillingly incepted and delivered that is why they keep us wonder as to the nature of the universe around us. As it is not yet a he or a she they belong to an ideal and eternal Platonic life. They desire to stay as they are, but we force them to undress themselves and become beings who might kill, rob or heal. מאפייני הילד:

Religious orientation of child:
השקפה דתית רצויה לילד:
Constitution: Its moral commitment would take in count the Kantian moral imperative חוקה:
Knowledge at time of birth: I want it to keep in mind its noncommitted religion ידע בעת הלידה:
Identity: זהות:
Explanation: נימוק:
Desire to distribute embryos: לא תשוקה להפצת עוברים:
Additional genetic material: חומר גנטי נוסף: