Nationality: israeli-american לאום:
Father’s cosmic role: human תפקיד האב בקוסמוס:
The Father’s Muse: existing המוזה של האב:
Child characteristics: i want my baby to look cute whatever that means, but what matters is health and happiness מאפייני הילד:

Religious orientation of child:
being a good person
השקפה דתית רצויה לילד:
Constitution: being a good human above all else. חוקה:
Knowledge at time of birth: good morals, compassion, drive ידע בעת הלידה:
Identity: Our baby will have a flexible identity and an alternating sense of self זהות:
Explanation: openmindedness is key, growth as a human is important. hopefully our bab will grow to have a stronger sense of self נימוק:
Desire to distribute embryos: No תשוקה להפצת עוברים:
Additional genetic material: חומר גנטי נוסף: