Sababa Oliveira

Nationality: Brazil לאום:
Father’s cosmic role: Shaman תפקיד האב בקוסמוס:
The Father’s Muse: Reindeer המוזה של האב:
Child characteristics: I would like the baby to look like me, and have all my benefits. I would not like her to have any imperfections. I would like her to be skilled in metalurgy, astrophysics and clairvoyance. Her features must be high. מאפייני הילד:

Religious orientation of child:
השקפה דתית רצויה לילד:
Constitution: Subversity (see above) חוקה:
Knowledge at time of birth: St. George ידע בעת הלידה:
Identity: Our baby will have a flexible identity and an alternating sense of self זהות:
Explanation: Baby should have one self for the morning and another for the afternoon. Evening and Nights can remain void. נימוק:
Desire to distribute embryos: No תשוקה להפצת עוברים:
Additional genetic material: חומר גנטי נוסף: